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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2022 Thread!


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11 hours ago, Armscar Coder said:

I want back in again this year.  Last year was my first time and I really enjoyed the experience.  Beyond the delightful gift exchange and the opportunity to make some great new acquaintances at AtariAge, the forum post banter is a hoot.  I especially liked when one of the gifts last year took on a personality (see pages 9 and 11 of the 2021 Atari Age Secret Santa forum thread).

Armscar's gifts also bring very good luck! I'm looking at one from him right now :)

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Happy Sunday, Secret Santa adventurers! It looks like we're off to a good start.


Stay vigilant, though! There is news that the evil magician has released his minions to interfere with our efforts. Some have even sighted grinchy Grundle lurking about!



Perhaps we should enlist more adventurers for this quest! Be sure to spread the word!

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On 10/16/2022 at 11:22 PM, SoulBlazer said:

I'm in again this year please!



4 hours ago, DrMooCowz said:

I shall commit again! Feel free to send me an UNfriendly reminder if I forget to send details by the deadline. :) This has been a hectic 2 months for me. :) 


1 hour ago, carlsson said:

Oh. I forgot #1 to post here and went straight to #2 send my details to one of the moderators.

But yeah, I got confirmation so I suppose it is time to mention that I'll participate too.

MWUAHAHAHAH!!!! They have fallen (re-fallen?) into our trap!!!


”Want a plane that loops the loop.”

”I still want a hula hoop!!”


You’re welcome. 😈 And welcome back. :) 

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