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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2022 Thread!


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Usually I wait until one week before Christmas to put up the lights, but after the switch from DST to "regular" time zone (*) yesterday, I found it to be so dark that in a spin of the moment, I put up the lights.


(*) Sunrise 07:10 AM, sunset 04:00 PM and for each day we get 5 minutes less of daylight from now on until December 22.

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On 10/30/2022 at 10:43 AM, chicgamer said:

I miss K-Mart. My first job was at K-Mart. And I miss 3-D. Anyone remember 3D stores (apparently, they were only in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan)? The first time I tried out a Colecovision was at a 3-D.



K-Mart was a favorite simply because they had year-round layaway. I took advantage of that as young as 9 years old with my paper route money. They’d let me put stuff on layaway and I’d ride down every week to pay into it. Got my first b&w 13” tv for my room all by myself that way. Was awesome. :)


Never had a 3-D up here in the northeast. Our biggest “bottom rung” chain was J.J. Newberry’s. By the early to mid 80’s it was failing badly in my area though they did well as a chain until the latter 90’s. 

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We had Big Lots and Tuesday Morning in the Bay Area.


I kept hoping I'd see a Air Raid show up in the Tuesday Morning, since there's a picture of one floating around on the net with a Tuesday Morning price tag on the box.   Didn't have any luck there with that kind of wishful thinking. 😆

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