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Fujinet for Apple II, FujiApple customized tiny sized version


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This is a customized version of Fujinet for Apple II


Fujinet is a device that lets usage of a SD card

or internet via WiFi, in order to load games, save data

into the SD card or use BBS services among other;

in your vintage computer




It is designed following a small size approach,

as well its weight is under 50 grams. suitable

to be worldwide shipped also under the

most critical courier systems



Fujinet for Apple II requires SmartPort support,

Apple IIc and IIgs have SmartPort support,

while Apple IIe requires an addon card that

provides SmartPort protocol, such:

Apple Liron (AppleIII)
Grappler w/ SoftPort ROM
SuperSerial w/ DIY SmartPort (E)EPROM


#### How to check Apple IIc SmartPort support?


At the command prompt write this:




If the answer is 255, you need a ROM chip update,

due to very first version doesn´t have SmartPort software driver


The ROM chip can be upgraded, upgraded EEPROMS are

available too



#### Current status


Fujinet for Apple II computers is in a continously development,

current hardware version is 01 (current shipped units are revision 01)






Tested in both Apple IIc and Apple IIgs,

here some videos and images:
























Price per unit is 59,5€ plus 10.50€ tracked shipment to Europe - USA - UK;

6€ for Spain and 11€ for the rest of the world





As well, thanks to Javier Rivera, a 3D plastic case to be

manufactured in a 3D printer:


FujiNet CaseV7.stl





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I don't know if a slot version would easily be made. The current version uses the smartport protocol. So as I understand it, a slotted version would basically require building a full disk controller with smartport support in addition to the FujiNet. At that point, you might as well buy a Yellowstone card and just attach the FujiNet. Or the entire FujiNet interface would have to be redone to be a slot device. Which would probably be a fairly large undertaking. 


But I also think right now there are some compatibility issues with FujiNet and Yellowstone. I'm sure it will eventually get worked out. But right now I believe this is limited to //c (except rom 255) and IIgs with built in smartport.

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55 minutes ago, ianoid said:

Is anyone selling this Apple II version of Fujinet in the US?


Is there a planned slot compatible version?


If you are talking about a version that lets usage of your plugged cards, placed over the DB19 connector,

a straight version can be manufactured if you need it, no extra charges :)



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Some testing performed, regarding the capabilities of Fujinet (FujiApple)

to provide multiple hard disk / disk drives emulation at once,



Fujinet for Apple IIgs is a multiple drive emulator at once,

you can boot GE OS from drive slot 1, while something different is loaded at another drive slots.


As well, in ProDOS, you can use up to 4 different drives,

as far I tested


Some images of Drive A and Drive B at once using GE OS from 1988,

I suppose a old version, probably version 6.0.4 is much better









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