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Lynx Contest Update


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Judging has now commenced in the "Design a Lynx Game 2003" contest! I expect that judging will take approximately one week. Contest winners will be announced both here and at the Atari Times website.


For participants in the "Lynx Art Design mini-contest", our contestants are:


1. Stardreamer by Karri.


2. BattleSpace, by Peter Musiat


3. Lynx Sketch, by Chris Vick


4. Push Around the World, by Bjoern Spruck.


Contestants are encouraged to post screenshots of their games to spark the imaginatons of our budding graphic designers.




All judges' will remain anonymous until the winners are announced.


Updates and corrections may be submitted as "addenda" to main submissions up until the winners are announced.


I am not a judge in this contest. :)

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The stardreamer graphics is built up from elements. The current graphics bitmap is attached here, but the idea was to have several sets with different graphics on the cart and load one chart in RAM at the start of a mission.


The bitmap below has too many colors so I let the GIMP optimize it for 16 colors at compile time.


The third line may require some explanation....


A ship is made up of one hull-sprite and a few (2, 4 or 12) engine-sprites.


Due to my lousy graphics talents I have just taken photos of some marbles and mixed a rocket out of these.


The trading screens are almost identical to the screens in



The lasers are red, orange and blue lines emerging from the lower part of the window.







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4. Push Around the World


Well, I should mention, that this is not the entry originaly planned for this contest.

But it was the only one I could "finish" within the time... Heck, its not really finished... but at least playable.;)


Contestants are encouraged to post screenshots of their games to spark the imaginatons of our budding graphic designers.


I will do so. There are not many ppl who can make screenshots of it, because its not running correctly within the "handy" emulator. Well it runs, but it does not look very nice :(




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Awesome!  :love: When will the winner of this contest be announced?


Judging hasn't yet been completed. All of the entries are quite complex, and I want to ensure that our judges have thoroughly tested all aspects of each game before winners are decided / announced.

I expect that the winning entries will be announced next week.

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  • 3 weeks later...
My submission was nowhere near as  

elaborate as the others, but here are  

a few screenshots for those of you  

that are still interested


Screenshots looks great! :D I understand the judges are having a tough job. I hope we will get a description/review of every game in this contest?


BTW: Chris, can you tell us something about Distant Lands? The status of the project? Any news? Still working on it?

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