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PowKiddy A12


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The PowKiddy A12 was released about 3 years ago.  I was looking at this for a few years but couldn't find a reason to buy one as I already have several original systems and a nice emulation setup with arcade controls.  Over the last month I decided it would be nice to have a simple tabletop arcade station that I can leave on without inflating my electric bill and play in passing whenever I feel like it.


I've got Batocera running on the A12 and I'm pleasantly surprised by how well it works.  I watched YouTube videos and read reviews about it before purchasing and expected the controls and screen to be lacking, but it's far better than I expected.  It suits my needs as a low-powered tabletop solution.  There are several videos about modding these to improve them but at this point I don't see the need since I can fire up the full-powered emulation rig if I need higher quality.


Anyone else have one of these?

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Never heard of that, had to Google it.  Assuming the joystick and buttons aren't total ass like they often are on low-priced stuff, that looks like a pretty sweet little gadget that would make for a great solution for those who want something like this but don't have the time, skill, or inclination to build a bartop mame cabinet.  


I have zero need for something like that because I have home-built stuff but as far as retro portables go, I do have an Anbernic RG351MP and love it.  



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It's definitely not a top-end device, even for 2019 when it was released — the screen is TFT and the buttons feel cheap compared to real arcade controls.


Even so, it's totally playable.  It can't handle N64 and above, but I didn't expect that on something in this price range.  The joystick has microswitches and works well.  The buttons may feel cheap but they work fine and I haven't had any issues with response even in fighters and shooters.


If I'm still playing it after a few months I will consider upgrading the display to IPS and install real arcade buttons.

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