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Sony Trinitron Multisync G220


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I was never a monitor geek so I don't know how to answer that. I bought it because it was cheap, new, in shop-worn packaging from a surplus business down the street from where I worked. It was a great monitor except I could never unsee the two horizontal lines that are apparently characteristic of a Trinitron. It's been sitting for years and i now need the extra shelf space to store a new tool i recently bought.


I recall that it did go to a pretty high resolution but don't know that I ever had a video card that would take it to its max performance. 


I assume that your horizontal scan rate question would be answered by a specific resolution and refresh rate combination. 

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On 10/6/2022 at 12:06 AM, OLD CS1 said:

Too bad you are in AZ.  That is a helluva schlep for me, and that is a nice looking monitor.  I found some specs which say it is 30kHz to 96kHz; is that accurate?

It's higher than that. I have one of the 19" Dells with the Trinitron. Played Fallout 3 1600 * 1200 at 85hz. around ten years ago.

Probably still the best looking monitor I've ever used.

If was in the area, I'd grab it in a heartbeat.


CRT 0.24 mm aperture grille pitch (center)
17 inches measured diagonally
90-degree deflection
FD Trinitron
Viewable image size Approx. 328 × 242 mm (w/h)
(13 × 9 5 / 8 inches)
Viewing image 408 mm (16.1 inches)
Maximum Horizontal: 1600 dots
Vertical: 1200 lines
Recommended Horizontal: 1024 dots
Vertical: 768 lines
Standard image area Approx. 312 × 234 mm (w/h)
(12 3 / 8 × 9 1 / 4 inches)
Deflection frequency* Horizontal: 30 to 85 kHz
Vertical: 48 to 170 Hz
AC input voltage/current 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, Max. 1.7 A
Power consumption 115 W
Dimensions Approx. 402 × 418 × 421 mm (w/h/d)
(15 7 / 8 × 16 1
/ 2 × 16 5 /8 inches)
Monitor weight Approx. 19 kg (41.9 lb)
Plug and Play DDC2B/DDC2Bi/GTF
Supplied accessories See page 6
For CPD-G220S model only
Audio Input Input Impedance: 47 k
Input Level: 0.5 Vrms (typical)
Input Connector Stereo mini jack
Headset Output Output Level: 1.5 mW + 1.5 mW
(RL: 16 W/Input: 0.5 Vrms)
Output Connector Stereo mini jack
Speaker Output 0.5 W (Max.)
* Recommended horizontal and vertical timing condition
Horizontal sync width should be more than 1.0 μsec.
Horizontal blanking width should be more than 3.0 μsec.
Vertical blanking width should be more than 500 μsec.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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The 30kHz floor means no native support for devices like Amiga or Atari ST which output 15kHz signals.  Cuts that out of the usage equation, but these Trinitron monitors are fantastic monitors for anything you use them with and I hope someone grabs it.

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It's a VGA PC monitor and I'm pretty much done with hoarding old PC stuff.


I do have a 19" Trinitron TV that I'm keeping around for the old game consoles. My daily driver TV for old consoles is a 32" CRT. I wish it was a Trinitron but my back is too old to tote one of those up and/or down stairs now. I carried the monster 32" (at least 700 lbs I'm sure) up myself 10 years ago. I may have to just drag it out on the deck and ]push it off when it dies.


Of various sizes, I have at least half a dozen CRT TVs stashed around just in case.


On 2600 I like Circus and Kaboom. Digital TVs just have too much lag to play those paddle twitch games on.

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2 hours ago, BigO said:

I may have to just drag it out on the deck and ]push it off when it dies.

Lol, it'd probably make the house collapse or something.


I also can't really lug anything bigger than 21" myself, but negotiating with sellers often does wonders. Last big 29" Trinitron I got, the guys who sold it (plus another small one) to me for ~40USD were so happy that they carried it up to the 2nd floor themselves.


I also once just hired a moving van with two young big geezers to do the legwork. The TV in question was nearly free - and awesome - so it was a good deal anyway.

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