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Looking for a ribbon for my Star Micronics Gemini II printer


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I know that my chances are pretty slim, but I'll post this here anyway.  Would anyone here have an old Star Micronics Gemini II dot matrix printer that perhaps is either no longer working or they no longer use?  And if so, do you have the printer ribbon cartridge for it?  I'm looking for a backup cartridge to have on-hand for my Gemini II, as I'm still using mine quite happily.  I've recently done a patch job on my existing ribbon cartridge to keep it functioning, but I have no idea how far this fix will get me.  Might last for several more years, or may pack it in in a month's time.




If you do happen to have such a thing sitting around, I'd be interested in purchasing it from you.  You can PM me to discuss further.  I believe that the Star NL-10 is similar to the Gemini II and the ribbons are compatible.

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Hey, thanks so much for the suggestion! I'm emailing them right now to confirm availability and shipping charges.  This is the best price I've seen for these ribbons.  I really hope they can ship them to me. 


Again, thanks for finding this and sharing it!

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Just an FYI for anyone else looking for older printer ribbons, here in Canada.  After speaking to the folks at NexImaging.com (a friendly helpful group), it turned out that getting the ribbon shipped to me would have been a little pricey, after exchange and potential duty charges.


However, after a bit more sleuthing, using the Start Page search engine, I was able to track down a retailer in Montreal who sold older printer ribbons.  They are http://accuprint.ca/


They had ribbons for my Gemini II (well, Star NX-10 ribbons which are compatible) in stock and shipped me out a couple of them at a reasonable price.  So, I just wanted to share what I found out with the group here, in case there was anyone else looking for ribbons for their older printers.

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