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Playdate- time to order? Thoughts?


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So I’ve been following the Playdate for a while now, love the concept etc. I haven’t bought it yet because of the waitlist situation, so was wondering if anyone knows where they are with that? Do they have shipping dates for new orders yet? What’s the outlook on “Season 2?” Is the dock available? Any advice appreciated! 

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I was order #28013 the day they opened pre-orders (July 29, 2021).


I'm in group three of shipments but mine has not yet shipped but the group I'm in have started being shipped.


They anticipate up to 50,000 to ship by "Early 2023" if you order now my guess is it'd be late-summer before it'd ship. But all of that is subject to change.


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Is it expected that these will remain in production for the foreseeable future?


Say, for example, I am willing wait until Q2 2024 to place an order -- by then will the waitlist be substantially shorter/nonexistent, or will production have ceased entirely?  


(I am definitely not an early adopter; I first bought an original PlayStation in 2004 and then a PS 2 in 2008.)  

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I think "the foreseeable future" is safe, they're still working through the waitlist and secondhand units on Ebay are still selling for more than retail price. 


I let mine go, I had trouble seeing the small dark screen and have many other ways to play quirky little games. If you hang around the Playdate discord there might be someone willing to let theirs go at cost or close to it, rather than give money to a scalper. 

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