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Canyon Climber


Another one overdue a HSC play, fun game but has some random deaths to leave you all cussing!

This round will be shorter than usual and end Monday 24th October 7pm UK time ish!





Canyon Climberhttp://www.atarimania.com/8bit/screens/canyon_climber_6.gif





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I'll start things off:  48,300!  One of my favs!


Watch out when you use the shields on the 2nd level.  The amount of time you have it is totally random.  Sometimes, you can block 4 or 5 arrows...other times, you're lucky to absorb 2 before it goes away.  Makes it that much more challenging.

Canyon 48300.png

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Canyon Climber: 43,000 (level 3)


According to the manual, the birds on stage 3 are "dropping bricks". Ooookay. 🙂 

Good game - I'm not sure how much farther I can get into this one, but I'll probably give it another try before the round is up.

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1 hour ago, carlsson said:

It is an interesting spectrum of hues and luminances above, depending on PAL or NTSC, real or emulated and monitor and camera settings.

Now who's been eating the mushrooms ?!! :D


first tables


Canyon Climber     Bonus HSC HSC
Player   Score Points Points Total
Deteacher   62,200 1 12 13
therealbountybob   45,400   11 11
graywest   43,000   10 10
McKong                 34,200   9 9
MichaG   27,100   8 8
carlsson   26,900   7 7
mimo   20,200   6 6
chevymad   13,000   5 5
RedThunder   7,200   4


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latest tables


Canyon Climber

Player   Score Bonus Points Total
therealbountybob   63,700   12 12
Deteacher   62,200 1 11 12
AtariSphinx   53,600   10 10
graywest   43,000   9 9
MichaG   39,500   8 8
8BIT 1337   37,000   7 7
McKong                 34,200   6 6
carlsson   26,900   5 5
chevymad   22,600   4 4
mimo   20,200   3 3
RedThunder   7,200   2 2
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14 hours ago, Absalon said:

hello everybody! 🖐️ can I join your club?


Canyon Climber : 26000


Welcome Absalon :thumbsup: New members more than welcome! If you want to add any games to the Welcome and Games list thread they will feature in future polls.



Reminder this round ends Monday evening 7pm UK time

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