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Just got a bare shell Sharp X68000


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While I have wanted an X68000 for years, I don't know all that much about it. I obtained a bare chassis X68000 ACE today, and need to know what I have to do to get it up and running. Obviously I will need a keyboard, mouse, cables, etc., but I'm talking mainly about the innards of the X68000.


I know I will need a motherboard, but are they all the same or is my ACE model different? Will I need a video card and power supply, or are they built into the motherboard? Why are there two sides to the X68000? Is one side for the motherboard, and the other for the cards? Just how hard is it to locate hardware? What else will I need for sure?


Anyway, here are pics.








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Check this Ben Heck's video: X68000 Tear Down


Basically, you need the main motherboard (side placement), the video motherboard (bottom placement), both disk drives (the other side placement), a couple of connection modules and of course, a PSU.


Boards are slightly different between models so I'll not risk to purchase any not being ACE parts. Not 100% sure about the hardware compatibility between parts tho...

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On 10/12/2022 at 12:53 PM, Zap! said:

Just how hard is it to locate hardware?

I would guess this'll be a challenge. Not so much just the motherboard, but all the ancillary parts, screws, fittings, and daughterboards. Especially the connecting board at the bottom.


When I used to build up old hardware this stripped'n'bare I ended up getting two or three non-working examples and pooled the parts to make one working model. So IMHO consider this the first of several future acquisitions. Keep us posted!

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