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Game Idea: Firefox 2600


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How about a homebrew version of the old Firefox arcade game?

I have always thought Atari should have at least tried to make an Atari version of this. Obviously, the graphics would be toned down a heck of a lot and more interaction - like being able to actually fly the thing would be great.


Ok, I can here the cackling but you have to admit a flight simulator with ties to the '82 movie/game would be great. I certainly would buy it.

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maybe the knight rider guy can make this after his KR 2600 project? :-)


oh come on, think big. use adavies chronocolor to run the laser disc fmv in the background of your game. and use a 512mb rom cart at least. itll hold all the game fmv compressed to 2600 resolutions, easy.


and see if u can find the music in a c64 .sid and then get it converted to 2600 music :-)

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