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Best Odyssey2/Videopac Multiplayer Games?


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What are the best multiplayer games for the Odyssey2/Videopac? Most of the game library are multiplayer or let you take turns for a high-score.

I was wonder which multiplayer games are the most fun and competitive?

Also, which games have some kind of a co-op feature here you can both work together simultaneously to reach a high level or high-score.

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Monkeyshines is great as a competitive or cooperative multiplayer.  You can even get three players working at the same time with one person working on the keyboard to add/remove pieces on the screen.  I view this game as a distant ancestor of Towerfall.

+2 for Quest for the Rings (haven't played Conquest of the World yet)

Showdown In 2100 AD is one of my favorite Odyssey games.  Love playing this against my brother or my kids.  There's certainly skill in this game, but the randomness of the ricochets off the trees adds a lot of fun too.

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