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Please Help Us to Restore the Vintage Computing Federation’s IBM 1130


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The Vintage Computing Federation has a museum located at the InfoAge science center, in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA. We have an amazing collection of artifacts on display that help to teach computing history to our many visitors.


The IBM 1130 is an early example of what became commonly known as minicomputers (smaller than room-size); one computer for one person. It is also unique in the sense that there are only a small number in existence, and few are functional.


We take pride in the fact that many, in fact most, artifacts displayed in our museum are functional and provide an interactive experience for our museum visitors. We now have an opportunity to add the IBM 1130 to the list of functional artifacts!

Please consider helping us to restore this amazing artifact:




Feel free to share this with like-minded individuals and organizations who may also be interested in helping to preserve computing history.

- Alex

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