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Sega Master System HSC - 2022 Summer Round 10 - Happy Halloween


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1 hour ago, Razzie.P said:

Someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in and correct any of this if I’m wrong, no hard feelings, but to me –



To simplify –

  1. Kill enemies until one drops a key (this seems random)
  2. Take the key and explore the house to find a coffin.  Touch it.
  3. Kill the Dracula.   

Repeat those 3 steps 4 more times, then search the house for a “magic door.”  It looks way different and is pretty easy to spot.  Enter this door to finish the round.



The knife – whenever you see 3 candles on the wall, touch them and a knife/sword will shoot at you.  Jump on the knife and you’ll be able to use it for a short while.  Its more powerful and has a longer reach that the regular punch.


Fireblowers – you can beat them with punches too (no knife) but it’s annoying.  BUT… you can jump on their head and kill them instantly.


Mummies – those start showing up in round 2.

That's about it. The only thing I would add is:


The Arrow(s) - When you walk by a fireplace with a lamp (must have a lamp) an arrow will come out at you. If you catch (like you do with the knife) 13 arrows in a row you will become invincible for a short time. Keep in mind it DOES NOT work with the Dracula and it is impossible to catch a knife while invincible.


As little strategy, only pick up the Treasures when your power meter is running low. Then after you destroy all the Draculas go back and find the remaining Treasures you didn't already pick up before you go through the magic door. This is because some of them have good point values. 


Keep in mind, starting at round 4 the Knives and Arrows will come at you twice as fast.


If you make it to round 6, almost all the Draculas will come back to life at least once and most cases twice.


I Almost forgot I made it to round 6 last night (still haven't beaten the game yet🙄). First time in years I've gotten that far. Here's my updated score:




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On 10/27/2022 at 6:57 PM, Razzie.P said:

Someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in and correct any of this if I’m wrong, no hard feelings, but to me –

I was looking at the Wikipedia article for the game yesterday, and it actually had way more info than the instruction manual. I think I'm set, now.

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Killed 1 dracula, but haven’t really spent much time with this, tho it deserves more. 


Ghost House - 26,200





I’ll go with Reese’s Pieces as my fav candy, since it did win out in a candy field of 64 that I did a few years ago haha. 


For the bonus spooky game:


Kenseiden - 10,500



Always got a kick out of this difficult and creepy game as a kid. Flaming skulls, skeletons, what’s not to love haha. And check out this creepy enemy from the manual:



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