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Season 13 ~ Weeks 11/12 ~ Scary Monsters!


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For some reason I've just been feeling kinda down the last couple weeks and couldn't seem to get in the mood to play video games, but I am determined to at least participate in every round this season so tonight I parked it in front of the CRT TV and spent a couple hours playing the games for this round before it ended. I ended up doing pretty darn alright in Alien and Gremlins too, which is fitting since they were games I requested to play this season! :)



Alien (Game 1, B/B Difficulty) - 61,288




Gremlins (Game 1, B/B Difficulty) - 166,140




Room of Doom (Game 1, B/B Difficulty) - 18,250



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Sorry to hear that Skippy, and I’d say you did more than alright in Alien and Gremlins!


I enjoyed 2 of the games this week, and Gremlins was not one of them. Where Alien combined Pac-Man and Freeway in a way that was fun and fit the theme surprisingly well, Gremlins combined Kaboom with Space Invaders in a seemingly random way (they’re jumping off the roof to catch hamburgers?!? Just pick up the hamburgers!) Add to that trying to play Kaboom with a joystick and the ugly large sprites, and you can count me out.

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10 hours ago, classicgamer_27330 said:

Did I not get a parcipitation points for my Room of Doom, just because I was too embarrassed to post my dismal score

You need to post a score.... anyone could just claim.. 'I played, so put me at the bottom.'

Once someone starts doing it... others would follow.

I really want to avoid that.



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