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Cartesian Chaos (Final)

Karl G

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6 hours ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Another (too) late suggestion from me: Use something like GitHub for your source code. That way, besides multiple other advantages, you also have a backup of your source code.

Yeah, that is why my Penult code survived, at least. 

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Looks like I was right - I was able to enable saving high scores to devices by disassembling the last version, making a small change, and then reassembling it.


Version 11 (final) has been added to the first post. Changes include:

  • High scores are now saved to the appropriate save device for each difficulty level.

While there were some minor tweaks I could have still made, I'm pretty happy overall with how this one turned out. Enjoy, and I grant permission to anyone who wants to have a cart made from this version. 🙂 

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On 12/16/2022 at 10:29 PM, Karl G said:

Whelp... since my MacBook has crashed and the data is effectively inaccessible, I've lost the source code for this game. It's almost done, but since I can't easily tweak it further, I won't try to have it added to the AA store. However, I think only one byte needs to be changed to allow it to save high scores to save devices for each of the game difficulty levels. That part seemed to be working, and my demo had it disabled witht he aim of saving it for a cart release. Once I can figure out how to change that and reassemble, I'll make the new version available, and grant permission to anyone who wants to let @Albert make a cart of the game for them, if desired.



That's sound familiar to me unfortunately.

But when the things gone wrong, they gone wrong. 

On my side, the worst case : System HDD crash + portable hdd backup crash (fall on the floor, bad idea to code in the bed) + usb key backup crash at the same time !

Can you believe that ?


Now I backup on thermo-optical device (fujitsu-siemens mo drive, or dvd-ram) every month, but be sure that if a incident should be happen, it happens when all the most important work is not yet backuped, as the Murphy's law said.


I really understand, that's very very discouraging.



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So, I realize that I should reserve an address for my high score support, but I'm not remembering exactly the value I picked in 7800basic. I want to say it's either $42, $73 or $73, $42. I'm not familiar with the underlying code to be able to figure out from my disassembly for sure. It might be in this snippet?


       LDA    $1FE0   ;4
       CMP    #$FF    ;2
       BEQ    LF3A8   ;2
       CMP    #$42    ;2
       BNE    LF36A   ;2
       LDA    $1FE1   ;4
       CMP    #$73    ;2
       BNE    LF36A   ;2


I'm also attaching my disassembly. @RevEng (or anyone else), by chance can you tell from my disassembly what value I should ask to reserve for this game? 



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22 hours ago, Karl G said:

I was absolutely not surprised that Dragon's Havoc won first place though. That was where my vote went.  🙂

Thank you! :)  I will admit I've played Cartesian Chaos a fair amount, and it hits that nice sweet spot of arcade action that looks simple but is very hard to get right in practice.  This is a great addition to the 7800 game library - Awesome work!

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