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Xbox One Physical Game Collectors?


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Hey everyone!


I'm currently collecting Xbox One Physical Games amongst a few other consoles (Intellivision and Wii U). With the transition to the Series X/S I thought it was a great time games are still more available and eventually will be discounted to make shelf space. 


I was wondering if there are any other collectors out there and if there are good resources for a physical game list?

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Yes, there are definitely other collectors out there! As for resources for physical game lists, there are a few options:

  1. PriceCharting: This website tracks the values of video games and has a comprehensive database of physical games for multiple consoles, including Xbox One, Intellivision, and Wii U. You can search for specific titles and see their current value, as well as track your own collection.

  2. GameFAQs: This website has a large community of gamers and a database of games for various consoles, including Xbox One, Intellivision, and Wii U. You can search for specific titles and see information about the game, as well as user reviews and ratings.

  3. Microsoft Store: This is the official store for Xbox games, and it has a section for physical games. You can browse through the selection and see what games are available for Xbox One.

  4. Reddit: There are a few subreddits dedicated to video game collecting, such as r/gamecollecting and r/gamecollectingcanada, where you can connect with other collectors and get advice on building your collection.

Good luck with your collecting!

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