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Atari 800 Fabric Cover and Atari ballpoint pen


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You may recall the debacle of this summer, when I sold off a bunch of old Atari stuff, but had big problems with shipping costs. Two of the 800s I sold were damaged in transit, but both of the damaged ones were in New York City, so I suspect that the local Post Office is to blame. Anyway, I decided not to sell any sizable equipment after those problems. I do have two items I found that might be of interest. The first is an original brown cloth cover for an 800, with the Atari logo and "800™ Home Computer". It needs ironing after sitting crumpled up in a box for nigh unto 40 years. The other item is an Atari ballpoint pen with the "Atari" name on the chrome bar; photo attached. Yes, it does still write, in blue ink.

If you're interested in either of these, send me a private mail with a bid. I'll give it a few days and go with the highest bidder.AtariPen.thumb.jpg.18234db890cea8fa492fff0b7af9445d.jpg

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