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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tourney - Round 3 - Zombie Calavera Prologue

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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tournament


Round 3


Game Information

Game Name: Zombie Calavera Prologue

Released by: ZX Spectrum - Mojon Twins 2010. CV: Collectorvision/Oscar Toledo Gutierrez 2021 .

Settings: Turn it on & play.

CV HSC High Score: First time playing Zombie Calavera Prologue in the CV HSC.


Featuring a unique style of dark silhouettes with a deep blue background and menacing themes, you must recover 16 crucifixes in the cemetery to gather spritual energy to open the door to purgatory to find your beloved. Beware however this wont be easy, as even though you are armed with a rifle, evil monsters once removed will return as winged spirits that will be much harder to avoid! Use the backgrounds, hide in the darkness, remain immobile and hopefully you'll survive long enough to complete your quest.

(Indie Retro News)


Round Ends: Monday October 31st  at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Rules are simple. After each round ends, the player with the lowest score is eliminated and we continue playing rounds until one individual remains atop the carnage. Having the top score isn't necessary yet, just try not to have the lowest score. Good Luck!


ColecoVision Platform Theme Video - Platform Theme Videos - LaunchBox  Community Forums

Good Luck!

Final Zombie Calavera Prologue Crosses Collected

1)16 Razzie.P

2)15 DuggerVideoGames

3)  9 zaphro72

4)  7 NCG

5)  5 fakecortex

6)  3 digress

7)  3 jblenkle

8)   2 Colecovision      

9)  2 ed1475  ELIMINATED












chuckwalla   (ELIMINATED Round 2)

Krytol           (ELIMINATED Round 1)




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Final Score Update
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13 hours ago, Razzie.P said:

16 crosses and 29 lizard skeleton things --- then it told me I was Loco and started over.  so I'm not sure if that's it, or there's something I gotta do to keep going.  A little lost on this one  😀


From the ending I saw in the video, by collecting all 16 crosses and entering the Purgatory, the game ends and Loco (Crazy) is shown. Nice job Razzie! I thought this one might be a bit challenging and after playing it a bit, I almost chose another game after casting the tie breaking vote in the Round 4 Poll.

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It is an interesting game and certainly different. Hide, move right to left or left to right to clear each level by gathering the Crosses, then find the way up to the next section and repeat. Health potions spawn in various screens as well.

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Razzie.P wins this round after collecting all 16 crosses and saving his beloved thus finishing the game. Nicely done, Kudos! Ed and Coleco both had the least amount of crosses. The tie was broken with Ed having the lowest average finish for the first 2 rounds. Ed (10th & 9th), Coleco (5th & 4th), so Coleco moves on. Was a tough call I was going to eliminate both. Thanks to everyone that partook in this dark scavenger hunt!

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