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What games take advantage of Tandy's Analog Joystick controllers the most?

Chinese Cake

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I am sure people are familiar with Tandy's analog joy stick controller:



I was wondering what games took advantage of the analog joystick the most? What games took advantage of the controls, the degree of travel, and adjusted movement based on the sticks position the best?


Many Tandy games I've seen treat the controller like an 8-way joystick instead of analog, so I was wondering if any games actually took advantage of the controller properly. 


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Polaris for the Colour Computer uses it very effectively.  It's a missile command clone and maps the joystick position directly to the screen giving the fast movement needed to launch effective counter-missile strikes.  It doesn't use the button but has you use 3 adjacent keys on the keyboard to pick which missile base to fire from.  Made it very much like the arcade.


Unless you're talking about the PC clone side of things and this doesn't count.

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On 11/4/2022 at 7:32 PM, BassGuitari said:

As mentioned, Polaris and Doubleback are good ones. I think Popcorn, Clowns & Balloons, Space Assault, Galactic Attack, and Arkanoid are some of the more playable ones with the free-floating joystick.

If I recall correctly, Galactic Attack does not take full advantage of the analog control.  In other words, you can't fling your ship to a precise spot on the bottom - instead you have to move toward that spot until you get there, so that one might as well be using a digital joystick.


But all the other games you mentioned, @BassGuitari, plus Super Bustout, and the various third-party equivalents, not only have one-dimensional movement, but also definitely are analog in the sense of taking you to a point on the X axis as fast as you move your controller to get there, and thus are even more suitable for paddle controllers than for joysticks.  Sure, the Deluxe Joystick (and some of its equivalents) could let you free up the horizontal axis as free-floating while keeping the vertical axis on "spring back" to provide some resistance to unneeded vertical movement, but that just wasn't the same as being confined purely to the horizontal axis, which is how those games work best.


The only paddle controller for the CoCo that I know of is the Spectrum Paddle, from Spectrum Projects.

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Androne is another game that works with the free moving analog joystick.  To go in different directions you have to move your stick to the edges and to fire you hold the button while aiming with the stick.


For anyone trying to emulate these types of games, a mouse works best...and yes Tandy did sell a mouse for the CoCo that emulates a joystick.



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