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Atari on C64 Big Data Demo


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Atari on C64 Big Data Demo


Emulating the Atari2600 on the Commodore 64 mirrors the challenges in Big Data, VLDB's can make even a supercomputer feel like an underpowered pocket calculator.


RelationalFramework evaluates Big Data products in the Enterprise to determine viability and authenticity; sometimes the projects are completely fake with blinking lights like a Christmas tree.   


Sometimes an ambitiously fake IT project can be made real with innovation like the GameLoader Atari 2600 Adaptor for the Commodore!


Download the D64 image disc for the Commodore 64 and load and run the loader program:

There are 5 Atari 2600 programs to choose from plus the new Space Invaders overclocked 200%



Here are the 5 Atari 2600 programs to compare on the Atari:



It's a surreal experience playing Atari games on the C64, I hope you enjoy it as much as me! :)


None of the code has been changed, the Atari programs are static bound to an Atari2600 emulator that adds "fantastic Commodore Graphics to Atari games" just like the Gameloader vaporware advertisement.


Development beta tool included for Player Designed Graphics:
I added extra "C64 only" code to allow the fantastic Commodore graphics to be changed on the fly.
The second Joystick allows you to remap the four PETSCII characters on the background tiles when the button is held down. You can remap the four PETSCII characters on the foreground tiles by using the first joystick in tandem the second joystick button.



More technical details on these advanced Atari 2600 games and demos:


Breakout2000LaserBeams Silly Venture Atari demo

Soft Antic Display List Demo for Atari 2600 


New Development


I'm working on a SID TIA TRACKER, the SID audio code is currently inefficient and algorithmic, I'm mapping it like the graphics to get it closer to the hardware.


Development tools for writing new C64 Atari 2600 Games:

In addition to Assembly there are two new BASIC programming languages from  http://RelationalFramework.com that can be used to write C64 games. Flashback BASIC (created for the Atari Flashback Portable) and SuperCharger BASIC.


These IDE's let you test your Commodore programs on the Atari 2600.


VICE versa:
You can also use the Commodore IDE to test your Atari programs on the Commodore or in VICE.

Look for the C64 IDE release after the Gdansk Silly Venture Winter Art Festival! 


Note: PAL is not currently supported, I am hoping to add PAL support for Silly Venture.


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 ...Cardco had a prototype at the January 1983 Consumer Electronics Show. The April 1983 issue of Creative Computing described it as being available for demo in a hotel room with a rent-a-guard at the door. By their account, on page 43 of the magazine, it was housed in a taped-together orange cardboard box and used the VIC’s function keys for select switches to control the games and replicated the VIC’s cartridge port so you could still plug in VIC cartridges as well. “The whole thing works like a charm,” the account concluded.


Read more: https://dfarq.homeip.net/atari-2600-emulator-for-the-vic-20/#ixzz7kMWX4BCO


Here is BETA 2 of the Emulator adding fantastic Commodore Sound to Atari 2600 games! :)



Subtractive Analog Synth on Atari 2600 games:

Compare the soft synth soundtrack of the New SpaceInvaders and Arkanoid Airhead on the Atari and Commodore Atari emulator!

ArkanoidAirhead.bin  (New Space Invaders ROM in first post) 

Both sound awesome but the SID rendition is uniquely different with subtractive analog filters adding subtle harmonics to the musical compositions you will need a real C64 with a SID chip.

Awesome arcade sound effects and harmonic synth soundtrack:
Compare Starblitz arcade sound effects and soundtrack on the Atari original with the Commodore Atari emulator, like the graphics the soundtrack is enhanced and expanded with no changes to the code.

Arkanoid Airhead Trainer and Arkanoid Airhead Pro have a different sound track despite being the same program code. 

You can change the version with the BW switch on the Atari 2600, but the switch setting is pre-configured on the Commodore Atari 2600 emulator for each Atari game ROM.

This could be changed to use a key like shift-lock on the keyboard, but the C64DTV and C64GS do not have keyboards so two versions of the "ROM plus emulator" accommodate the BW switch setting. 


Here is the BASIC program code for the Starblitz Atari 2600 game ROM:


Here is the BASIC and Assembly program code for Berzerk 2000:


Technical details: 
The programs illustrate Atari 2600 registers and system architecture being emulated in real time in the Commodore 64 Atari emulator. The ASCII art bitmap graphics and the chiptune code for the TIA are also upsized dynamically with Commodore graphical skins and subtractive analog sound in real time.


Enhanced Atari 2600 games:
Commodore graphical skins can be mapped programmatically by the loader or dynamically at runtime to enhance Atari 2600 games.


Hope everyone enjoys playing with the Commodore Atari emulator, the Dev kit should be available in December! :) 

Here is disc2 with more games and an earlier version on the Sound.

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