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Sega genesis High score club: Pick the next game


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I have a few options for what people might want to play. It can be any game from the genesis or CD but it MUST be score based.



Batman and Robin (score only, beating the stage adds 50 to score)

Sonic CD

Road Rash trilogy

Star wars 32X

Mortal Kombat


If you have any you want to play, add them here. Remember, the score deadline for frogger is in 3 days. Currently Zeptari is in the lead. Winner chooses the next game. 

We need more people.

 Physical hardware and emulation allowed, please read the rules

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  • Slap Fight MD (this was clearly built to play for score, and it's basically a perfect game anyway aside from some minor slowdown on occasion)
  • 32X Space Harrier
  • After Burner Complete
  • Golf Magazine Presents 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples (yep, just play golf normally and see who has the lowest score... which is probably going to be whoever doesn't give up from boredom, as this game is super dull and has no music, but it works. I can't believe I am semi-seriously mentioning this game as a suggestion...)
  • Thunder Force III (this game is super easy, and you'll probably no miss it the second time you play it, but it's still a lot of fun and has one of the best soundtracks on the system)
  • Virtua Racing Deluxe if you want to play for overall race time as a time attack
  • Silpheed



Most arcade -> console shooting game ports, as they should mostly be safe. I'll go with my usual Toaplan favourites:

  • Zero Wing (worth playing anyway just because it has one of the absolute best soundtracks on the system, and it's also pretty easy, especially when compared to the arcade version, which gives out very few extends and has enemies that take quite a bit of damage to kill... and there is no autofire on the arcade version lol)
  • Same! Same! Same!/Fire Shark (this game's difficulty changes based on region, which is determined not by the cartridge but by the region of the system you play it in, so be aware of that should you choose it, and you should, because it's one of the best shooters on the system)
  • Hellfire (difficulty varies by region; apparently the NA version is harder than the Japanese version, which is unusual for any Toaplan game, as it's the opposite in most cases)
  • V-V (not Grind Stormer)


Suggestions for what not to play: Thunder Force IV, as I believe you can get infinite score on stage 1 (although I believe this was fixed on Switch Sega Ages), and Gleylancer, as you can definitely get infinite score on stage 9. You might be able to get infinite score in Thunder Force II MD if the overhead stages don't time out (I haven't checked, but if they don't...) and Slap Fight if one of the bosses doesn't time out, but Slap Fight MD is fine. It also might be possible to counterstop Kyuukyoku Tiger if the final boss does not time out, just like how it doesn't time out in the arcade version, but good luck getting there on the Mega Drive version anyway, as it's one of the absolute hardest games on the system.


I'm assuming you're thinking of Sonic CD for time and not score, right? It's very easy to get infinite score in Sonic 1-3&K, CD, and Mania, although it will take a while in all cases except maybe Sonic 3&K in Launch Base Act 1, and in Sonic 2 if you do that one thing by killing that one enemy with Tails as Sonic dies, which gives a truly stupid amount of points, but you can only do in the retail builds if you cheat, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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On 10/26/2022 at 7:28 PM, Frozone212 said:

Currently Zeptari is in the lead. Winner chooses the next game. 

If I’m still the leading score in Frogger when it closes I’d choose Crue Ball!



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