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Anyone have experience witht the PowKiddy V90?


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I recently purchased one of these thinking it would be a good beater handheld because of the price and form factor.  I installed Miyoo CFW and fully setup everything. 


While it plays almost everything before PS1, I'm having issues with latency.  Before I figured this out I was getting frustrated every time I played it because of frequent deaths in games I know pretty well.  The control latency isn't easily perceptible but I did a bunch of comparisons running the same games on original hardware, good emulation systems, and the V90 and there's no doubt it has control issues.


Some of this could be because of the nature/quality of the physical controls, but the majority is due to latency.  It's across the board in every emulator so it's definitely system based.  It obviously isn't noticeable playing non-action games like puzzles, RPGs, or strategy but it's definitely there on everything else.  This includes 8-bit and portable systems that should run perfectly on this device — I even tested a PSP emulating the same games and the PSP plays much better.  That shouldn't be the case considering the V90 has better specs than a 15 year old PSP.


Does anyone else have a V90?  I searched Google several times but didn't find any significant results that others have experienced this.  I suppose it's possible I have a defective V90, but I can't imagine what kind of defect would introduce lag and have the device otherwise running fine.

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I followed this guide Improving Powkiddy V90's Portable Experience with RetroArch so it now uses RetroArch as the primary GUI and emulator.  It has made an enormous difference, it boots faster, the controls are unified for navigation and emulators, and I've noticed less input latency.  I'd recommend this for anyone with a V90.


The only thing not improved is arcade games.

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