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What I'd like to see in a SNES Mini 2. . . .

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Evercade was just the only case study right now someone could use, and yeah they screwed up.  But their screw up wasn't my focus, it was more around third parties, the biggest of the lot, have blown them off entirely outside of Namco which put them under shackles and then bailed within the first year.  They don't want physical media in a closed offline environment, they want to control it with direct sales on physical media on big systems where big money are where they can pile on and add more titles into a package (Namco, Capcom etc have done this already) or where digital is king which a mini cart console wouldn't do at all.  There's nothing that makes sense about it anymore and how evercade has been snubbed is a good indicator.

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OK, here's a cool slight variation idea for a SNES Mini 2: Basically the same as the original SNES Classic Mini console with the same game collection plus a few extras that really should have been there in the first place (I'd have Chrono Trigger and Actraiser in there for sure), and it could use the SNES Jr casing just to visually differentiate it (although not essential), plus the menu actually has a full anniversary and history of SNES built into a timeline something like the Atari 50th Anniversay Celebration (done just as well and as extensively, covering from pre-production to its ongoing legacy and modern-day influence and so on): 

Now that would be a really cool way to make a SNES Mini 2 a definite must have on top of the original imo. I mean, Christ, I'm not even an Atari fan, and I just asked my wife to get me the Atari Anniversary Celebration collection for Christmas--so just imagine how compelling something like that would be if it were included in a SNES Classic Mini 2.


Personally, I'd do that and STILL including a working mini cartridge slot, but that's just me.

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