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So I have acquired a Sega CD with both a Genesis and a 16-bit add on Genesis. I had them working a few months back but can’t get it hooked back up for the life of me. I either get picture with no sound, sound with no picture, OR if I use the old-fashioned RF out to co-ax in port. Both sound and picture work but has that unpleasant RF interference so it looks bad.

Im looking for an “all in one” way to just plug one end in the unit, one to the tv input (red/white/yellow) and play.

I watched several YouTube vids, but they only left me more confused!


Pics of what I have and the inputs, I think this one I found on Amazon *should* work, but…the regular Genesis output port seems to be a an 8-pin, the 16-bit looks to be 8 with a top so maybe it’s 9?


The one on Amazon…I can’t quite tell 100%, but it looks like 11-pin???


TIA for any help/suggestions.








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For starters that's for a genesis2/nomad, yours is an original genesis. ;)

I never had one because of the convoluted setup with needing a/v cables for each unit and power for each unit which was sooooo stupid.


There is a one stop shop that was made very recently, don't recall name or who did it, so enjoy googling, but someone did create a setup so you can funnel the a/v into 1 and the power into 1 as well reducing wasted a/v and wall plugs making the cable mess minimal as possible.

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