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need help with atari 800 xl - is this a good deal?


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Hello, I need help.


I never had an atari 800xl but I would love to own one.



I found this here on ebay germany. Atari800 xl with tapes and joysticks. And as far I can tell, this is one of the better keyboards, isn't it?


this set has an asking price of 145€ and there is no tv cable included.


Do you recomend this, dear experts?





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I have no idea what the going rate is in Germany but, as luck would have it, the exchange rate seems to be 1:1 at the moment, so that's also about $145 USD. The software included wouldn't mean anything to me but, if you're interested, that's a fair amount of software included, as well as a cassette drive and two joysticks. Assuming everything is in good working order, that seems like a pretty good price, at least based on what I've seen them going for lately here in the U.S.


And yes, that looks to be one of the mechanical keyboards. If I'm not mistaken, it appears to be a Type 1 Alps keyboard, which I think most consider to be about the best version, but that is highly subjective and open to opinion.


Good luck!


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I am sure some experts will know more about the keyboards.  But I grew up on a 1200xl, then 800xl then 130xe. the 1200 and 800 were very solid. never has a problem. I think I did have a problem with my 130xe keyboard. I figured out the flex circuit had a defect and I think I fixed it with an conductive pen.


I think all the 800xl's have a 5 pin din connector for video. you better off buying that cable than using the rf cable. you can find them with a little searching. maybe for less than this. I remember buying them on clearance back in the day for next to nothing. I wish I would have bought more as I could use 2 or 3.




that seems like an amazing amount of cassette based games! I would think they might be worth more than your paying, but I dont collect or try to sell cassette games.

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