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issues with everdrive clone


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1 hour ago, spiderman1234 said:

I having issues with everdrive sega genesis clone I notice that it loads md roms fine but it doesn't load bin or anything else. When I load sms it loads the rom then blank screen for everything else like bin it gives error 800 should convert all roms to MD? Any other ideas maybe a rom pack for just everdrive?

Has it ever worked? Have you got another machine to try it on? I ask as my Multimega won't load SMS ROMS from my Everdrive clone yet my MD's will. BUT, as Steve below says it could be just the quality of said clone. I am on my second clone everdrive which has been fine for some two years now but my original lasted only a couple of months and it started with EXACTLY the same problem you are describing before eventually loading nothing - just a red screen on start up.


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