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Pan-Theon 2


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Instructions for Pantheon 2


You are a minor god, just starting out. Your goal is to obtain new followers, and then make a name for yourself by killing the evil Typhon who has invaded Mt. Olympus and is fathering all sorts of monsters throughout Greece. On the opening screen you can move the joystick to select your body type: Satyr, Centaur, Triton, or Nymph. Hit reset when done. Next, you can avoid Typhon and enter the one temple that is unlocked. You’ll need 5 followers to get into the next temple (the labyrinth of Crete), 10 to get into the next (the Underworld), and 15 to get into the uppermost temple (Mt. Olympus). Each temple has been invaded by monsters which you can fight. If you kill a monster they will leave a storage jar which will contain a valuable or a healing potion. You can scroll through your inventory by pressing the button and moving the joystick left or right. the symbols represent hearts (health), grain, livestock, gold, wine, and followers. You may also come across potential followers (the creatures that don’t move). You win followers by giving them a gift. select the gift in your inventory, then press down on the joystick to drop it. The creature will disappear, and you will gain a follower. Satyrs take 5 wine, Centaurs: 5 livestock, tritons: 5 gold, and nymphs: 5 grain. There are other creatures as well that will not only become followers, but will give you a magic item as well. The gryphon will give you armor for 10 gold, the sorceress will give you a shield for 10 grain, Hercules will give you the lightning bolt for 10 wine, and Cerberus will give you the helmet of darkness for 10 livestock. The armor will reduce the amount of damage you suffer from attacks, the shield will regenerate your hearts and negate the gorgon’s stone gaze which normally would kill you outright. The lightning bolt is a more powerful weapon, and the Helmet will render you invisible upon entering a room — though once you attack, you will become visible again. You don’t need the weapons to win, but they are very helpful. Once you have 15 followers, you may enter Mt. Olympus. Find Typhon and kill him to win.


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