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Mouse input in VCS games can cause short freeze - ideas?


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As in the original 2020 recharged game, (ever since a system update in early 2021) mouse actions glitch in-game.
Clicking the left button to fire, causes the game to freeze for up to a second. Moving the mouse does not do that.

In the original game, moving the mouse also causes the game to freeze, for short periods, and clicks to the same.
At that time I was testing code for some developers, but my communication channel with Atari stopped in 2021...

Does anybody else have a different experience? I can't imagine it's mouse type related; I've tried multiple mice,
via cable and USB dongle, and I have no trouble with those in applications. I guess I'll make a homebrew thread.

(The same problem does NOT occur in Linux or Windows, or when using all games/apps. I think it's Unity related,
as I saw posts before by other game developers having a similar problem in Unity (on Windows/Linux). It's not a
simple Unity bug, but related to the way the input queue is read, but it also seems to be related to AtariOS also.)

This seems related:

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