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5200 OE HSC Challenge 11/2022 Keystone Kapers


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Our game for November, is classic Keystone Kapers. Play on defaults from Lvl 1, using real 5200 systems and Atari Mfg controls. -1 hsc pt for use of period analog sticks, such as the Wico. The only modern exceptions are flashcarts/SD loaders, running original Roms. Pics preferred, but not required, except for HSC wins and records. Round ends when month does.


Current HSC record- Bust it for a bonus point


Keystone Kapers - (Level 1)
eegt97 607,100



Final scores-


51,800  RB5200 +11

47,500  DamonicFury +10

27,100  Crazy Climber +9

24,300  RangerG +8

19,200  zylon +7


Current standings- 


DamonicFury - 106

rubeon - 100

zylon - 67

RangerG - 66

jeremiahjt - 50

jetset - 40

mark griff - 35


phuzaxeman - 11

Cafeman - 9

Crazy Climber - 9


jerry32 - 6

Keystone Kapers.BIN

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27,100 (original hardware and controller)




First time playing this one but its pretty similar to the 2600 version. The 5200 controller was fine until...

 - stopping for elevators


 - jumping over reversed shopping carts


Will take a little practice to get used to it. For elevators I found if I duck/down first to stop then push up it works 😃 

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RB5200 bags the month of November, bringing in the most collars. 😎 Since places are retty much set, time to bring it home with a "what if" entry. Thanks to all who play, and make this little offshoot possible. The wheels are spinning, and something will be up soon. :) 



Final scores-


51,800  RB5200 +11

47,500  DamonicFury +10

27,100  Crazy Climber +9

24,300  RangerG +8

19,200  zylon +7

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