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XON/XOFF from Bobterm

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@tschak909 - Is there any reason why XON/XOFF (Ctrl-S/Ctrl-Q) doesn't respond when using Bobterm 1.23 on the Fujinet? I've wanted to do this to stop text on a BBS (Southern Amis) that's more than a screenful. The Ctrl-S/Ctrl-Q combination works on Syncterm (MacBook Air) on the same BBS. I'm assuming I need to find some other key combination to use XON/XOFF on Bobterm, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't something in the Fujinet itself.


FYI, I tried to copy the Bobterm 1.23.atr file from atari-apps.irata.online and I received an error. I assume the space in the filename was a problem since I could copy other files from that server to my SD card. I was trying to copy it locally so I could attempt to change the macro to insert my username/password.


Unfortunately, like most Fujinet owners, I'm not a developer. However, once I figure out launchd on macOS, I plan on writing a short document on how to have tnfsd start on boot. You have something for Windows on your wiki, but not the Mac.


Bob C

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