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If they made an Atari ST Mini, which games would you want it to have?

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On 11/8/2022 at 10:57 PM, Stephen said:

I need to check this out.  I believe it was Phantasie II I spent the most time with on my 8-bit machine, but I never did actually beat the game.  I don't think I have it in me to start a new game now.

I always found Phantasie III to be an easy game to jump into compared to other RPGs.  I can jump in, do some dungeon for an hour or two and then jump onto something else.   I don't feel the need to make a huge time investment like I do for most RPGs for whatever reason.

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The games I would like to see if they made a atari ste mini are magic pockets,gods,xenon 2,North and South chuck rock, turrican,turrican 2 turrican 3 the final fight! Wolfchild,risky Woods, Rick dangerous, sly spy turbocharge, pang, vendetta, pegasus,Warzone,super space invaders,mercs,ikari warriors,forgotten worlds,Fernández must die,rambo 2 and 3 and commado!

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