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Prototype Commodore Vic 20 cartridges?


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A friend of mine gave me this recently, because apparently it didn't work. I cleaned the pins and *bing*, it did work. So I'll be giving it back to them 😊


But I've never seen a Vic 20 cartridge quite like this before - a printed paper label on the usual aluminium front of early Commodore cartridges on the Vic 20, but nothing printed on the aluminium itself. A little look inside shows an unusual looking ROM chip, not the standard black ones as in every other Vic cartridge I've seen. And of course a brown case - no part numbers or 'Made in ....' tag moulded into it though.


The game seems just like any other version of Mole Attack I've seen, but I haven't done any byte for byte comparison though.


So my question is - is this some kind of pre-production demo or review version of a Commodore cartridge? Has anyone seen anything similar before?







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On 11/4/2022 at 7:07 PM, Supergun said:

Well, the games IC is neither a mask rom nor an eprom. And the chip has gold trim and gold legs, so it certainly would not have been a mass production cart.

Nah, it's definitely a mask ROM or EPROM (probably the latter and it has a window under the MOS cover). However, for whatever reason they've used ceramic packaging (CDIP) here instead of plastic (PDIP). The ROM label matches the known number for Mole Attack, FWIW.

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