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Advantages of Floppy Drive Emulator vs. CF Card Reader

Wiggle Wiggle_2

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Hey, so I was just wondering if there were any advantages to using a floppy drive emulator like the FloppyEmu over a CF card reader like ReActiveMicro's Drive/Turbo IDE Controller.


I am currently making a video guide on getting into the Apple II, so any pointers to differences that would be important to new comers would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Off the top of my head, and in no particular order:


A floppy emulator is basically required if you have a //c. 


If you have multiple Apples that you use on a regular basis (I have a IIe, //c, and IIgs), a FE can be quickly and easily moved between them without having to pull cards out of the case. 


If you also have a Mac, the FE can be used with that as well.


With a FE, you don't have to open up your Apple case to get to any storage media if you need to add/remove software images (assuming you don't have any kind of extension hooked up running outside the case to plug media into).


FE can optionally make head noise (this could be a pro or a con).


FE can use WOZ images. CCFA currently can't read WOZ files, although Henry has offered to pay someone to add support. Not sure about the micro drive.

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