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Oops! We released a buggy build yesterday, but we fixed it today!

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Hello from #FujiNet! We've released another build for #Atari8bit that fixes the problems that users reported. Namely it fixes the problem of being able to enter passwords larger than 31 characters in length, and the temporary regression that prevented High Score enabled games from being able to properly save.


But what happened?


The Atari version of CONFIG was its own repository. While it had been rewritten to be more maintainable, this was before we had started work on the FujiNet for the #ColecoAdam, or for the #Apple2, and it turned out we needed to do another iteration of the code. This happened in a seperate repository, and its design has been proven out by the different versions of CONFIG for the #ColecoAdam, #Apple2, #Commodore, and other systems.


But the Atari version of the code stayed in its original repository, with the intent that it was going to be archived, and replaced with a version from the new repository. Thankfully, Frank Rachel volunteered to do the Atari target from this new repository. We replaced the old CONFIG, with the new one, and folded in a new libssh courtesy of Mark J. Fisher, and released the build after a round of testing.

The first bug reported was that WIFI passwords longer than 31 characters were not allowed to be entered. The fix was done here: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-config-adam/commit/a9e08fd28265db37d7f75dec8c3f25b9c32c399d and involved making sure that we were allowing 64 characters.


The second bug reported was that High Score Saving was not working. After a bit of investigating, it was determined that the code path for SIO Mount All, which was made for mount and boot all, and is used by the new config, did not pass a host slot into the object holding the mounted media. This was needed because we have to distinguish between SD and network mounted media, so that we can re-open the file appropriately. The code was quickly patched, and a note has been made to refactor both mounting methods so that they share code. The fix for this bug, is here: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/commit/c68d21b5cfa20b2ce412ecec372f27798c8c9485


I want to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the build from yesterday, and as always I thank all of you for your engagement and patience in both finding bugs, and helping us fix them. Our promise to all of you is that we are always up front when bugs happen, try our best to explain why they happened, and to provide fixes as quickly as we can. 


Thank you all, again, for your patience, and understanding.


Thom Cherryhomes, #FujiNet

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