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Ghostbusters: $12,500 (started with default $10k)


Finally made my money back, but couldn't get past the Marshmallow Man!

I do think the implications of this final text scroll are pretty funny: "Well, your city was overrun by evil entities, but hey - the bank is raising your credit limit, so it's not all bad!" :D 

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Got to Zuul but failed to get any guys in - I'm guessing you have to go through MMM's legs. Will now watch the video on atarimania!

The 2K for saving the buildings from the MMM made up for my useless ghost catching, lost 1 building and still made a respectable $114,000



4 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

Do we want a few more days of this one? We can finish Friday evening?


Anyone? I'll check tomorrow and see if we're done!



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18 hours ago, AtariSphinx said:

I have tried a few time but marshmallow man keeps taking my money.   Watched a video today and see what I an doing wrong.  Will see if can give this one another shot.

just a case of pressing B in a panic to lay some bait when you get the MM warning. I'm going to have another crack at it too and try and get into Zuul so...


Round now ends Friday 25th Nov 4pm UK time :roll:

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Thank you again for the extension!  This morning was essentially the last time I had to play and I finally got a game in with at least a non-zero score LOL


Starting: 10,000

Ending: 14,200


Bought a marshmallow sensor this time which helped identify that first attack.  Then basically just spammed the b button until Zuul.  LOL


I did grab a diff version from Homesoft and never had it crash on me, so either the original file I had was bad or I was just unlucky that first run. 


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4 hours ago, Deteacher said:

Correct!  You can drop bait anywhere to avert a MM disaster.

Best to keep a hand on the keyboard and when it goes crazy drop one :D



OK think I'm done, despite studying the video on getting past the MMM's legs I failed again. Scored a respectable 22,300 with no disasters. Went for Station Wagon and no Image Intensifier. Got on a lot better just going for it when trapping them (once I had the beams on).


@deteacher do you think there's any more to the game. I waited for ghost to arrive just kept going in and out other times drove around a bit try around the side/above. Also the hoovering - any point to that. You can just drive around to avert the MM Man possibly?


Reminder this round ends tomorrow night! 4pm UK time ;)


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Luckily for the citizens of wherever deteacher managed to save the day, the rest of us tried our best :D Not a bad game, bit lacking in gameplay and the end screen doesn't leave much room for mastering what to do still fun for a change in the HSC :)


made up the scoring as so few players, deteacher grabbed bonuses for completing the game, giving great hints and being the top NTSC player :thumbsup:


final tables


Deteacher 34,900 10pts
therealbountybob 22,300 6
MichaG 21,300 5
Sikor 17,500 4
8BIT 1337 14,200 3
graywest 12,500 2
carlsson -36,600 1
AtariSphinx played! 1




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2 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

Not a bad game, bit lacking in gameplay

From what I understand, David Crane had a few partial games, including the car scene under development. When they got the license to make a computer game, he stitched together those routines into a completeness, so in that respect it is quite varied with three different scenes before the endgame. For being a game from 1984-ish, it was uncommon to see that many in between different scenes (Final Legacy comes to my mind, also from 1984).

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