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WTB/WTT: Atari 2600, Commodore, D&D stuff, etc.


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 - I'm mostly just looking to trade for these, but will consider buying or trade/cash combos.

 - Please check my trade list here: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/343309-fsft-atari-2600-through-virtual-boy/

 - Unless specified I will accept any format, condition, or completeness. I'll also consider pieces (e.g. just a box even if I want it complete) or CIB items even if I only need a piece.

 - These are my primary wants but I may also be interested in items not listed here, especially D&D stuff or boxes and manuals for Atari 2600 and VIC-20.


Amiga CD32:


Fury Of The Furries (case and manual only)


Atari 2600:

Air Raid (MenAvision)

Assault (Bomb)

Berenstain Bears (Coleco)

Boing! (First Star Software)

Bumper Bash (Spectravision)

Cakewalk (CommaVid)

China Syndrome (Spectravision)

Dice Puzzle (Panda)

Eli's Ladder (Simage)

Escape From The Mindmaster (Starpath)

Fireball (Starpath)

Galaxian (Atari, original 1983 release)

Gas Hog (Spectravision)

Gauntlet (Answer Software)

Great Escape (Bomb)

Gremlins (Atari, original 1984 release)

Guardian (Apollo)

Halloween (Wizard Video)

Ikari Warriors (Atari)

Inca Gold (Zellers)

MagiCard (CommaVid)

Malagai (Answer Software)

Mangia (Spectravision)

Mogul Maniac (Amiga)

MotoRodeo (Atari)

Mr. Do!'s Castle (Parker Brothers)

Music Machine (Sparrow)

Obelix (Atari)

Out Of Control (Avalon Hill)

Party Mix (Starpath, all but box)

Q*bert's Qubes (Parker Brothers)

Quadrun (Atari)

Quest for Quintana Roo (Sunrise)

Radar Lock (Atari)

Rescue Terra I (VentureVision)

River Patrol (Tigervision)

Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot (Xonox)

Shuttle Orbiter (Avalon Hill)

Smurfs Save The Day (Coleco)

Springer (Tigervision)

Stronghold (CommaVid)

Stuntman (Panda)

Survival Island (Starpath)

Sword Of Saros (Starpath)

Time Warp (Zellers)

Tooth Protectors (DSD/Camelot)

Universal Chaos (Telegames)

Video Jogger (Exus)

Video Life (CommaVid)

Video Reflex (Exus)

Wall Defender (Bomb)

X-Man (Universal Gamex)

Xenophobe (Atari)

Z-Tack (Bomb)


Atari 2600 - Boxes only:

Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox)

Crazy Climber (Atari)

Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak (Xonox)

Ghostbusters (Activision)

Glacier Patrol (Telegames)

Gremlins (Atari)

Jawbreaker (Tigervision)

Keystone Kapers (Activision)

Killer Satellites (Starpath)

Kool Aid Man (M Network)

Krull (Atari)

Megamania (Activision)

Millipede (Atari)

Mines Of Minos (CommaVid)

Moonsweeper (Imagic)

Motocross Racer (Xonox)

Q*bert (Parker Brothers)

Rabbit Transit (Starpath)

Stargate (Atari)


Atari 2600 - Manuals only:

Backgammon (Atari)

Coconuts (Telesys)

Codebreaker (Atari)

Cosmic Creeps (Telesys)

Crystal Castles (Atari)

Dodge 'Em (Atari)

Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox)

Private Eye (Activision)

Reactor (Parker Brothers)

Slot Machine (Atari)


Commodore 64:

Below The Root

Bruce Lee


Death Knights Of Krynn (box and manuals only)

Diamond Mine


Dragon Wars Clue Book

Forbidden Forest

Pastfinder (cartridge version, box only)


Phantasie II

Pogo Joe

Strike Force: Cobra

Sword Of Fargoal

Ultima V (manuals and map only)

Wizard's Crown


Commodore VIC-20 - Cartridges:

A.E. (Broderbund)

Alien Blitz (UMI)

Alien Sidestep (OEM)

Alphabet Zoo (HES)

Ape Escape (Spectravision)

Arachnoid (UMI)

Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox)

Attack Of The Mutant Camels (HES)

Baldor’s Castle (Daedalus)

Blackjack (OEM)

Block Buster (OEM)
Bomber Word (Tymac)

Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom (Sega)

Bug Crusher (OEM)

Capture The Flag (Sirius)

Cat Burglar (OEM)

Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind (OEM)

Computer War (Thorn EMI)

Crater Raider (Boone)

Cyclon (Boone)

Dancing Bear (Koala Tech)

Dig Dug (Atarisoft)

Dot Gobbler (OEM)

Droids (TG Software)

Fast Eddie (Sirius)

Firefighter Mario (OEM)

Frogman (OEM)

Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak (Xonox)

Gridrunner (HES)

Jelly Monsters (Commodore)

Key Quest (Tymac)

Kids On Keys (HES)

Lazer Zone (HES)

Mario's Brewery (OEM)

Maze (HES)

Medieval Joust (Thorn EMI)

Menagerie (Commodore)

Mine Madness (Thorn EMI)

Mobile Attack (MSD Inc)

Mosquito Infestation (HES)

Mountain King (Beyond)

Number Crunch (Spectravision)

Pharaoh's Curse (HES)

Pinball Spectacular (Commodore)

Polaris (Tigervision)

Protector (HES)

Robot Panic (HES)

Satellite Patrol (HES)

Scorpion (Tronix)

Seafox (Broderbund)

Space Ric-O-Shay (OEM)

Squish 'Em (Sirius)

Sub Chase (UMI)

Super Amok (UMI)

Tank Wars (OEM)

TerraGuard (Creative)

Topper (Romox)

Typo (Romox)


Commodore VIC-20 - Boxes only:

Gold Fever (Tronix)

K-Razy Antiks (CBS Games)

K-Star Patrol (CBS Games)

Mission Impossible Adventure (Commodore)

Moon Patrol (Atarisoft)

Motocross Racer / Tomarc the Barbarian (Xonox)

Robin Hood / Sir Lancelot (Xonox)

Snake Byte (Sirius)

Spider City (Sirius)

Star Battle (Commodore)


Commodore VIC-20 - Manuals only:

Centipede (Atarisoft)

Congo Bongo (Sega)

Galaxian (Atarisoft)

Jungle Hunt (Atarisoft)

Number Nabber Shape Grabber (Commodore)

Q*Bert (Parker Brothers)

Tooth Invaders (Commodore)



Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (manual only)



D&D: Warriors Of The Eternal Sun (manual only)


PC Engine:



Playstation 2:

Guitar Hero (manual only)



Order Of The Griffon


D&D Modules:

A1 Slave Pits Of The Undercity

A2 Secret Of The Slavers Stockade

A3 Assault On The Aerie Of The Slave Lords

AC4 The Book Of Marvelous Magic

AC7 The Spindle (have screen already)

AC9 Creature Catalogue

B1 In Search Of The Unknown

B3 Palace Of The Silver Princess

B8 Journey To The Rock

C1 The Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan

C2 the Ghost Tower Of Inverness

CM2 Death's Ride

CM5 Mystery Of The Snow Pearls

D1-2 Descent Into The Depths Of The Earth

D3 Vault Of The Drow

DA2 Temple Of The Frog

G1-2-3 Against The Giants

Q1 Queen Of The Demonweb Pits

S1 Tomb Of Horrors

S3 Expedition To The Barrier Peaks

S4 The Lost Caverns Of Tsojcanth

U2 Danger At Dunwater

U3 The Final Enemy

X2 Castle Amber

X4 Master Of The Desert Nomads

X7 War Rafts Of Kron, The

XL1 Quest For The Hearthstone

XS2 Thunderdelve Mountain

XSOLO Lathan's Gold


D&D Rulebooks:

AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (1st edition)

AD&D Players Handbook (1st edition)

D&D Expert Rules (1981)

D&D Master Players' Book


Edited by Keir
Removed items I've since acquired and added a few more wants.
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