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VIC-II Kawari (Vic II replacement) is now available


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Hi Everyone.


I posting this in case someone may interested in getting a modern VIC II replacement. For those who do not know, this is a FPGA replacement for the VIC II chip. There are two different models. The smaller board is currently available. The larger board with more features is currently sold out. For those who live in Canada, USA, NZ and AUS can order from the Shopify site here: Vic II Kawari. For those is in EU/UK, you will be able to order it soon from Video Game Perfection. I ordered and received the small board. I have not yet an opportunity to try it out yet.

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I've now picked one of these up and it's an awesome upgrade.


I'm using s-video which is nice and clean, levels adjustable through the config and the ability to easily switch between NTSC and PAL without having to fiddle around swapping pieces out of the unit is superb!  😁

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