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Vectrex PCB and LED


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I put together a Rocks 'N' Saucers on one of these PCBs:




All working fine, now I wanted to add the LED, which I did alongside the other components, but the LED doesn't light up.

My double checked my soldering work, and that seems to be fine. The little mini LED I installed with the triangle symbol pointing to top left (when looking at the PCB with the fingerboard pointing down).

When is the LED actually supposed to light up?

Not sure what the problem could be, there isn't much to get wrong.

The LED I got is of this kind:



I bridged the RGB connections while I'm waiting for the dip switches to arrive from China.


Very grateful if one of you could confirm that I ineed have i the right way round.


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That's right, as soon as you turn the on power switch with the cart (PCB) inserted, the LED should come on immediately.


The orientation looks right. Pin 1 is always at the notch, which happens to be the Common Anode on the particular LED recommended in the BOM. Is that the one you used?


Unfortunately it's an obsolete/discontinued part nowadays, so the exact one in the BOM may be tough to get ahold of. Those PLCC package LEDs can be a bit finicky when soldering them in and you got to try to keep the irons dwell time to a minimum since they'll melt with too much heat. Probably wouldn't hurt to check all four contacts to make sure nothings bridged and that there's continuity between the solder pad and the contacts on the LED (if your able to probe them with your meter).


Also, not all PLCC type RGB LEDs are created equal, which I found out the hard way with the Technobly PCB.. Since the LEDs listed in that BOM were out of stock, I bought different ones that looked similar but the Common Anode ended up being on a different pin (pin 2 in my case), which is something I wasn't aware of until after I received my order and wasn't able to use them. Just look over the datasheet and double check that the common anode is on pin 1 if you decide order some different LEDs.


Anyway, that's about all I can think of.. Hope this helps! Good luck. :)

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