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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tourney - Round 6 - Campaign '84

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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tournament


Round 6

image.png.052bee6ca908cf7b9a805c209a3ca0af.pngCampaign '84 for Colecovision Box Artimage.jpeg.a2aba9d0f479309e18f9a5cace8d8059.jpeg

Game Information

Game Name: Campaign '84

Released by: CV: Sunrise Software 1983.

Settings: Skill 1

CV HSC High ScoreFirst time playing Campaign '84 in the CV HSC.

Manual: http://adamarchive.org/archive/Manuals/ColecoVision/Campaign '84.pdf


Round Ends: Monday November 21st  at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Rules are simple. After each round ends, the player with the lowest score is eliminated and we continue playing rounds until one individual remains atop the carnage. Having the top score isn't necessary yet, just try not to have the lowest score. If more than one player or players tie for the lowest score, the player with the best average finish from the previous rounds will move on. Good Luck!


ColecoVision Platform Theme Video - Platform Theme Videos - LaunchBox  Community Forums

Good Luck!

Final Campaign '84 Scores

1)528 Northcoastgamer     Record Setter :-o

2)528 DuggerVideoGames Record Setter :-o

3)525 zaphro72

4)337 fakecortex

5)237 Colecovision

6)215 Razzie.P  ELIMINATED


For Fun Scores

1)449 ed1475









jblenkle        (ELIMINATED Round 5)

digress         (ELIMINATED Round 4)

ed1475         (ELIMINATED Round 3) 

chuckwalla   (ELIMINATED Round 2)

Krytol           (ELIMINATED Round 1)




Edited by Northcoastgamer
Final Score Update
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One sore thumb, and many virtual handshakes later, I won! I tried being for every position, that way I was just looking for regular numbers and avoiding all inverses. Not sure if this is a good strategy, but it kept me from having to remember what I was for or against. There's a lot of comic potential here, but I'll just post my score :lolblue:


Campaign '84 - 267


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This just in: FakeCortex wins presidency! Quoted as saying, "No thanks. Just wanted to see if I could do it."


Thanks @Northcoastgamer, I checked out your vid and realized two things: splitting my issues on odds/evens helps out a lot, and dummy me was getting 100% popularity instead of just 50...🤦‍♂️ I just wanted to be really popular before, lolol. 


C84 - 337


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3 hours ago, Northcoastgamer said:

For Skill 1 51% popularity, Skill 2 I think is 65%, Skill 3 75-80% & Skill 4 is 95-100%.  A Skill 4 game can last 1.5-2 hours.

Wow.  I never knew that.  I just assumed higher difficulties meant less starting time and you probably still needed only 50-51% to win.

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4 hours ago, Northcoastgamer said:

 Both yours truly and Dugger were able to get all 528 electoral votes so I guess we will have to have a run-off. It is an interesting game. Kind of absorbing once it is learned. Thanks to everyone that took partook in this virtual election!

Vote for me, for my opponent is the most unAmerican person ever!  HE DOES NOT EAT CHEESE!




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