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IntyBASIC 3D Maze-ing?

First Spear

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I was thinking about Escape on the Apple II, Tarmin, Sewer Sam, wondering about how a 3d-style made would be done on IntyBASIC. I am sure that all of the hallway combinations would have to be pre-set so the Intellivision doesn't have to do raycasting, but the actual drawing is not coming together in my head. Is this a job for colored squares mode?





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I was was thinking about integrating John's project in a INTYBASIC program able to compute random mazes.

It would be required to use the JLP for its extra ram. The current maze is 16*16, but the data needed to render walls seem wider

There are 4 tables of 256 words to describe the colors of the walls and two table of 16 words each to describe what i solid and what not.

The fact is that util the maze is just 16x16 a maze game would quite limited.

Moreover once we use JLP, one could use HW multiplications and trigonometry, this would speed up a lot the framerate


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