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Can I get a definitive yes/no on SNES native rgb?

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I seem to get so much information on the various SNES consoles and want to get a definitive yes or no from someone who's done this personally, or works on them a lot.


I have a first style SNES, it's a 95 model with the marking SNS-CPU-APU-01.  Apparently it's one of the "2 chip" models people don't like as much.  I'm curious if these output rgb natively.  If there is an amp built that will improve the rgb, that's fine, I can do it later. I'm trying to see what consoles of mine I need to get scart cables for as is and which ones I need to hunt down a mod chip on.  

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All variants of the PPUs of the SNES output R/G/B/Sync/Luma natively, so it technically supports it, the problem with some models is that the signals get mixed on the board and are converted into S-Video or Composite since these cables were more common at the time, the models that don't support it just need a wiring modification, these boards you see out there just make the installation easier and avoid noise.

Your model should support it but the image isn't going to be as sharp as a modded one.

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All of the non-"jrs" will do RGB out of the box.

99% people won't be able to tell the difference in RGB of 1 chip models or not.

The jr is a 1 chip, but doesn't have the lines connected to the multi-out. Thus needed a mod.

I have used both with a PVM. The modded jr is slightly better, but it's get up to the screen with a magnifying glass difference.



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13 hours ago, jeffythedragonslayer said:

Why are the 2chip models not liked as much?

I could explain it, which would be a waste of time, and doing copy & paste also feels so.  So with that, I'm going to give you a link to someone who put the work in and showed examples with pictures too.



Needless to say, picture quality/clarity and less outside interference too.

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