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The Official Christmas Present Swap Thread 2022 Edition (Originally Posted in General)


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As someone who is struggling to get into the Holiday ‘cheer’ due to losing my younger brother in February of this year, I have been trying to think of ways to bring that excitement back.


This idea just came to me, and I’m not sure how well it will be received, but here goes:


A number of people join by adding their names to the Present Swap List. Then we choose someone on the list and send them a wrapped, video game item for Christmas. If the number of participants equal out to an even amount of participants, everyone will receive a present. I ship a present to someone; then that person sends a present to someone on the list, and so on. So if you receive a gift, then you must choose someone on the list to send a present to.


To keep track of who is receiving a gift, we must post that person’s name, so they don’t end up receiving more than one present.


I dunno’… I thought this idea would be a lot of fun.


Let’s start by trying to get a minimum of 5 people this year. If more want to join, they can. The cut off date for sending gifts will be decided, once enough are on the list to participate.

Present Minimum: $10USD
Present Maximum: $25USD


USA/Canada for now due to overseas shipping costs.

Suggestions and opinions are welcome!


Participant List:

1. Charlie Cat





Original Thread:


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