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Magnavox Odyssey 200


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Hi Guys,


Hopefully someone can help me. I have aquired this Magnavox Odyssey 200 in an "untested" condition due to the previous owner not having the power lead.


I was aware that the system can run on batteries but sadly the compartment seems to have had a leak in there at some point and is also broken in places.


I have not had time to take it to bits yet to inspect general condition but the underside of the board I think looks reasonably clean and free of corrosion from the battery leak.


Any advice on what power lead I can use with it to test or would that not be advisable at this stage? I am in the UK so would need a suitable three prong plug. I believe the Magnavox version is identical to the Phillips release we had over here but as this is "Magnavox" it appears to be the USA released console - will this make any difference when considering a suitable plug?


Any pointers very much appreciated.





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Go looking on the internet for a users manual and a service manual.  If I remember right, Magnavox sold a power adapter that was 9V DC with a 3mm audio style tip.  I think the Atari 2600 power supply would work. 

The cord end you show is for Magnavox's proprietary RF video end.  The signal will be NTSC and come in over the channel you set on the bottom of the console.  

Good luck, the batteries seemed to have leaked with the fluid going down to the bottom case half at least.  Hopefully the electronics look good and still work.

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