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I want to play my G7400


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Hello All


I have a G7400 and I want to play it here in Florida.  How can I get a TV that is PAL so I can play it?  I have an electricity converter but I do not have a PAL TV.  Does anyone know where I can get a small PAL Color TV?  I would really like to see the enhanced graphics.


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Easiest way to play it would be to either mod it to output (pal) composite or buy a pal RF demodulator that outputs composite and then run it into a retrotink or any other line doubler that accepts a pal signal and puts out hdmi.


you are going to struggle to find a consumer tv in the US that would accept an analog pal RF signal. If you do mod for composite another option would be connecting it to a professional crt monitor from Sony or Panasonic or another brand that can accept pal format. Some pvm/bvm displays take pal or ntsc, others are single format. My normal gaming pvm is ntsc only so I have to play my g7400 on my ledlcd with a retrotink which is fine.

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