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The "no case mod s-video and rear stereo" mod is complete


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Recapping the mk1 Genesis was easy, just a bit tedious with 39 caps, a lot of them clustered together.  If I hadn't spent so much time waiting on the s-video amp, cap/voltage regulator kit, jacks, and s-video cable to get here, this wouldn't have taken more than 2 or 3 hours.  As with all my consoles, they start with disassembly and a soak and scrubbing to get as much dirt out as possible.  While the cases dry, the controllers get disassembled and their cases soaked and scrubbed.  The buttons, rubber parts, carbon pads and traces on the circuit board get wiped down with isopropyl alcohol and put back together.  


Sending stereo to the back was easy and kept tidy with heat shrink; the trrs jack I use in all my Ataris fit right into the hole where the channel 3/4 select switch went (after desoldering the rf modulator).  The s-video jack just needed the 1/2 hole drilled out to 9/16 so barely any modification there.  The s-video amp was mounted between two chips in front of the cartridge slot, wires were kept tidy coming off of the legs of the video chip with heat shrink, and the wires were soldered to the s-video amp.  The wires coming off of the amp were bunched together with more heat shrink tubing and run along behind the cartridge slot to the jacks in the back.  After a bit of tweaking with the pots on the s-video amp to adjust chroma and luma, she was put back together and I played a bit of Sonic.  


Everything I did is completely reversible and no would would ever know I was even in the console...unless of course they read this post.  I don't foresee myself ever reversing the mod though, however, I wish I had known I was going to decide to just go rgb scart for all my consoles (except the 1 that I have component cables for already), which would have saved me the time and trouble of getting the s-video mod done lol Oh well, the din jack on the back was untouched so it'll still output rgb through there, so no biggie....just spent a few bucks I didn't really need to.





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