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Season 13 ~ Weeks 15/16 ~ U.S. Games


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3 hours ago, Atarian7 said:

Awesome.  So when does the speed level off?

So this I guess happens when you reach 50 to 60 pts.


That first blue maze after 20 pts really seems to be super fast. 

The next few screens after that you definitely get accustomed to the speed, so when you get to 50 or more it’s pretty much as fast as it goes.


The key to rolling this one is to keep a straight line down the screen.

Also stay as close you can to the middle. In the middle be proactive with your make breaks. Meaning use them to clear a part of the maze ahead to keep that straight line going, try not to use multiple to get you out of trouble. 
And let’s not forget about the sticky walls. The best solution I found to stop getting stuck is letting go of the joystick briefly, because you actually bounce of the wall, then quickly adjust the direction you need to go.


I was able to surpass my 145 with the below run.




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Name This Game: 12410

M.A.D.: 13900

Entombed: 64


For "Name This Game", I often try to keep myself lined up with the boat so the air is readily available when the line is dropped.  You can take out the shark anywhere, so the only time you absolutely have to steer away from the boat is when an octopus tentacle is getting too close to the bottom.


For "M.A.D.", there are seven firing angles, but I've found that it's seldom useful to use anything other than the middle three angles.  I also change the angle as little as possible.  I have better accuracy just picking one angle and sticking with it.  The controls are very sensitive and when changing angles quickly, I frequently don't get the angle I need.


I think Entombed is the one of the three I will be spending most of my time on the rest of this week.  I don't have anything to add beyond what @nads already suggested.






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Quite the difference from the last round this batch is 👀 


I might like Name This Game the best, nothing terribly wrong with it. Although I have accidentally started up a new game and missed my score, but that’s nothing against the game play (but there’s a reset switch right there on the console, so use it lol). 


M.A.D. should be a paddle game, and would’ve taken it from bad to mediocre, haha. I’ll have I give it a go with the tip from Kermit. 


Entombed is neat, and that article was really interesting. I feel like the controls get sticky at times, which leads to deaths when I thought I’d be able to squeeze out of a jam. 


NTG 5b - 2,510



M.A.D. - 5,600



Entombed (hard to photograph) - 27


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Improvements all round. Having spent more time with all three, I think M.A.D is probably the worst game I have played in my three seasons in HSC .  . . .even worse than Dishaster and Spikes Peak. Entombed only marginally better imho. Not sure I have the patience to go back to either.


By contrast, name this game is actually growing on me more as I play it, and I actually think it's pretty good . . . . . . . comparing it with two shockers may however be making it look better than it is :) . Either way, I'll be trying this some more before the round ends.


Anyway, that's enough from me. Here are some scores :



M.A.D. (1983) (U.S. Games)_2.png

Entombed (1983) (U.S. Games)_4.png

Name This Game (1983) (U.S. Games)_2.png

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Entombed: 100 (rollage)


There are a lot of things I hated about this game, namely getting stuck at a corner if you just slightly miss a turn or the fact that some percentage of the time, pressing the button does not use a make-break.  It seems you have to be lined up just right for the make-break to work.  I also wish the "make-breaks" were just "breaks".  I have yet to find a scenario where adding a maze wall is beneficial, but several times accidentally placed a new wall which screwed me up.  It's really special when you press the button at the very end of the board, only to find yourself trapped behind the maze wall you just created in the open space at the start of the subsequent board.


With all that complaining, I must say that this game grew on me and I really enjoyed playing the game.  I had a couple "20-minute" sessions turn into 60+ minute sessions since I was convinced that I could improve with just one more game.  That's usually the sign of a good game.  I like the game concept.  I just wish there were a better implementation.


@Vocelli: You may want to consider changing rollage to 95 or maybe even 90.  Once the game gets to it's fastest speed, you have to be "in the zone" and seldom have a chance to look at the score.  I had a previous game prematurely end with a score of 95 because I was too focused on checking the score to see if I hit rollage.  I would also accept any score between 00 and 05 as rollage, provided there are at least 15 make-breaks left over.  I think maximum number of make-breaks you could have on the first board (i.e. while earning your first 5 points) is 13, so you shouldn't need to worry about someone reporting a score of 105 when they only earned 5 points.








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