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Looking for Platform Based C Compiler


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 I know there are lots of real good development tools that run on modern platforms and target the Atari ST line. For real development that would definitely be the way to go.

My goals are much more modest. I want to learn the platform, and I believe a good way to do that, is write some n00b c code. So I'd like to find a native editor/c compiler that would run on an Atari ST.  Good Documentation and Ease of use, would trump power, speed etc.


Thanks in Advance!

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In case someone else comes here, with the same question, this website looks to be a pretty good jumping off point.



I think after looking through options, I'll try C-Manship as my guide and Laser C as my compiler.

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added choosen compiler and guide.
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Laser C and TOS 1.0 fine,  TOS 1.04 later versions of Laser C only.   I've been using it for 2 years on my retro project IGDEV10 and IG218.ACC and IGS218.EMU for Interlink.  I'll probably release it soon weeks or a couple months, life is happening.  I've been using a mixture of Laser C 2.0 and 2.1 because my disks were bad, with TOS 1.04 I had issues with the cache not flushing and I went back to TOS 1.00.  Could be anything computer 1040STf 1mb is very old.  The newer Laser C linker is different it can link bigger chunks of code,  I know from experience.  Also if your routine gets to big it can't handle it, around 50 or 60K.   I had to break up one of my routines 3 times.  I learned C coding from the Mark Williams C manuals.  I only switched to Laser C after Kevin Moody and Anthony Rau wrote their IG Editor that got some attention,  without them there would be no IGS.EMU for Interlink which is written in MEGAMAX C, precursor of Laser C.   I had given up on Instant Graphics! and threw my source code out there to see what would happen.  Kevin and Anthony added GIST sound effects also originally.  I contacted them and told them they could keep working on the IGS Editor that would be their project and I would continue updating IG if they would give me the source code for the Interlink EMU.  I came up with new ideas for Instant Graphics for BBSs over the years with many versions and I passed my source to them to integrate into their IGS Editor.   There's more to story... but I got a pork roast in smoker.  Good Luck!

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On 11/21/2022 at 10:53 AM, mikro said:

There's nothing better than Pure C for the goals you've mentioned.

Well, I've got Hisoft C interpreter here that I need to try at some point. Seems also a good way to learn the platform.

I am not sure about the compatibility when you actually want to compile something.

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I have fond memories of Megamax C - I used that compiler to learn K&R C back in '86 or '87(?).  The limitations didn't really affect a newbie hacker that much and it compiled pretty quickly.


When I mess with C on the ST today I tend to use Lattice or Pure C.


If you really want to know how the platform works you'll use assembly.  :)

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