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Howard Scott Warshaw / 2022 FPF Show


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HSW is at the Free Play Florida Arcade Show this weekend and he gave a panel presentation. It was very interesting and entertaining. I was able to actually meet him and we talked for a bit. He’s super friendly and has an energetic personality.


I had him walk over to our home console display area where we had Yar’s Revenge running on an Atari 2800. (longer story)




In conversation, I was able to confirm that he only worked on 4 projects at Atari; Yars, Raiders, E.T. and Saboteur. So it’s 100% confirmed that he never worked on any other projects whereby there being zero possibility of an unreleased proto of his ever being found.


(his first project assignment was originally a port of Star Castle, but after a couple of days he told them this just wasn’t really feasible to do)


With regards to Saboteur, he told me that he was almost finished with it, just a few signature touches were left to do to it, and then they decided to rebrand it as A-Team, and then again back to Saboteur, until finally the passage of too much time and the industry collapsing, led to it just being axed all together.

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Absolutely. He also has a great sense of humor! I attended another panel today where he was joined by Warren Davis and Leonard Herman to discuss their books and what was involved with writing, editing and publishing them.





He is a pleasure to talk to. And he even went out of his way to do a fun photo op with me.


I’m no Spielberg, but hey, it was all in good fun. 🙂




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Yes I bought them both as well and I’m really looking forward to reading the book during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.


Interestingly, the cover sleeve art of the DVD utilizes the same cover art of an Atari circa 1982 catalog.


I had read a section of one of the chapters in the book a couple weeks back so it kind of gave me a general idea of his writing style. And btw, he actually hinted that some kind of movie or tv series based on the book is currently being discussed.

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