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SF314 Toubleshooting - Update


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[UPDATE] - After formatting a diskette in this SF314 it is working better. I copied a diskette from A to B and I can read it in A. In fact, after formatting a diskette in the SF314 it is now reading diskettes it was not reading before!!  Maybe it just needed some exercise!?!

=== original post follows ===

I have a new to me SF314. Many things are working in that it responds when I double-click on the ‘B’ Floppy desktop icon. However I get garbled data. I have tried two pwr supplies and two data cables. I have used on of those specially designed floppy disk head cleaning diskettes. 

Here is an image of the same diskette read fine on ‘A’ and garbled on ‘B’.  I have never tried to repair one of the ST floppy drives before. Where do I begin in troubleshooting?  TIA



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